We haven't installed updates on this server for a while, there were a couple I installed last night, and, since, it just scans for updates indefinitely and never actually finishes. I know that there should be like an other 140 or so as we had a similar server inside the same VMWare instance that had also not been updated in a long time.

I tried the usual, sfc scan (which did find stuff that it then fixed), DISM restore health, delete the software distribution folder, but nothing, it just searches for updates indefinitely, and, while it does so, the svchost.exe process hosting it goes up to 2 GB whereas on an other 2012 R2 for example it barely uses 400 MB when searching for updates.

I guess this is part of why it never finishes searching for updates?

I had a look at my security log, it's no bigger than 130 MB on the hard drive.

I know that Windows 7 had an issue with high ram usage when searching for updates and there was an update that fixed that, does anyone know of a similar thing that fixes this on 2012 Standard?

A second sfc scan found nothing and neither did a chkdsk.

I have also run the Windows Update Diagnostic troubleshooter but that hasn't helped either, it just keeps on finding the same errors and at first says it can't fix them, then says it has fixed them, but the service still takes up 2 GBs of RAM and then it still checks for updates for ever and just whirls around without reaching a conclusion as to whether there are any or not.


  • It is normal if you don't have the KB2919355 update installed or did not install from an '2012 R2 Update 1' media source. Sounds like the server just does not have enough memory. – Greg Askew Jan 17 at 14:31
  • Server has 16 GB of RAM, only uses 8 at the moment with WU taking 2. I'll install the KB and see how it goes. – user757392 Jan 17 at 14:36
  • Hi @GregAskew, I just wanted to say that I am unable to install KB2919355 as installing any updates, even manually downloaded ones, requires them to check for windows updates which in turn takes forever. I was attempting to install KB2919442 as apparently it is the first pre-requisite according to microsoft.com/en-gb/download/confirmation.aspx?id=42334 but it's just stuck at "searching for updates on this computer..." No idea what media source was used to install this OS... Any thoughts? – user757392 Jan 17 at 22:45
  • 1
    Oh I'm so sorry, I only now realized this is in fact just 2012 Standard and not 2012 R2, so sorry everyone! – user757392 Jan 17 at 22:47
  • After you nuke SoftwareDistribution, you should reboot and run the Windows Update Diagnostic tool. – Michael Hampton Jan 18 at 0:47

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