I am using vmware Remote Console (VMRC) to access a virtual machine running CentOS 7 with the included open-vm-tools 10309 which are recognised by the ESXi-host.

I am able to shutdown or restart the VM from within the guest system through vmware-tools commands, but after a while ESXi web client (HTML5), which I use to monitor everything, throws a weird warning about a misconfiguration of the guest system. It reads somewhat like:

Your guest OS is running CentOS 6, but the VM is configured for CentOS 7. > Actions

Which is pretty weird, since I can confirm I'm running CentOS 7 (1804 release).

It does not negatively influence the function of ESXi nor the VM, but it's unlogical behavior. Did someone experience the same or has any suggestions?

  • Update the web client or report the problem to VMware. – Michael Hampton Jan 20 at 15:35

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