I'm trying to host a FTP server from my WS 2012 R2. I did all the IIS stuff, disabled stateful as well. Port 20 and 21 are open. Current situation:

  • From the machine: ftp > open localhost works
  • From the machine: ftp > open <ip address> doesn't, "closed by remote host" right after connection
  • From my PC: FileZilla "Connection closed by server" after 3 seconds of "Connection established, waiting for welcome message..."
  • Local IP (ipconfig) is the same as external IP, thus no need for a firewall

I'm really noob in server stuff. If you need more info then ask away. Also, this didn't help me at all.

  • Sounds like windows firewall is blocking port 21. Have you tried running wf.msc and adding port 21 to the inbound list? – Joe Jan 21 '19 at 0:24
  • @Joe It is in the inbound list, TCP 21, all profile, any. I used an online port checker and 21 is open. I also have TCP 20 in outbound. – Austin Huang Jan 21 '19 at 0:38

Try creating another rule to allow port 21 inbound. I had the same problem with the default rule not working correctly. I believe it has to do with the fact the default rule includes a service/program rule.

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