When I try to install janitor using

pip install janitor

Some unexpected module gets installed:


In order to install the correct one, I need to change my pip command to:

pip install pyjanitor

Is there any-way to fix this so that I can install pyjanitor using the name "janitor"?


The convention is that anyone can register a name he likes. Unless there really is an intellectual property right issue (there likely is not for names that cannot become trademarks), the people who see their name taken by another active project, will have to think of a new name.

The maintainers of the Package Index are not arbiters in disputes around active projects.

If you do not like to depend on the Python Package Index PyPI and the names registered there, either:

  1. Do not use it in cases you know better what you want to install anyway:

    pip install git+https://github.example/user/repo.git#commithash

    Pip can install directly from many sources.

  2. Create your own Package Index:

    In which case you can rename Packages however you wish. There are tools to ease this process, such as pip2pi.

Carefully investigate whether the work of setting 2. up and maintaining it really is important to your organization (or rather just a simple step that should be properly automated on your dev & production machines, hiding any complexity in package <> name relationships)


Is there any-way to fix this so that I can install pyjanitor using the name "janitor"?


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