I have a buildconfig on OpenShift which fails to build. The output tells me that the server.log file might contain more info. But OpenShift is deleting the build-pod immediately after the run, so I can't access the file.

I'm not quite familar with OpenShift, but there does not seem to be a command to start a pod/container. In the buildConfigs Yaml, there is also nothing that looks like it does the trick. Adding a restartPolicy did not help.

How to get the files contents?

edit1: The postCommit hook of the buildConfig does not run. I set it to

  script: echo POSTCOMMIT-HOOK && cat /home/payara/paasDomain/logs/server.log

Please try to keep your container running inside a build-pod by introducing an artificial never ending task inside it:

  command: ["/bin/bash", "-c", "--"]
  args: ["while true; do sleep 60; done;"]

then just exec to the container inside a pod to analyze internal server.log file with:

kubectl exec pod <pod_name> -c <container_name> -- /bin/bash

I hope it will help you. Please check here also for other methods to keep pod running in Kubernetes.

  • The postCommit hook is not running in my case, I guess it has to do with the image I'm using of which I have no choice (it's a company-internal image). Your link is interesting though. Thanks for that. – sinned Jan 23 '19 at 9:48

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