How do I fully emulate, pass through, or spoof all the hardware for a virtual machine? I want to set up a few guest VMs in such a way that they do not have any special drivers or odd hardware info. The core issue is that I have applications which run with administrative privilege and I do not want said applications being able to detect that the are trapped inside a guest OS. Part of a testing environment.

I currently use qemu/kvm Debian hypervisors for my VM needs but I'm not married to that. The guest will primarily be Windows7. In all of my current attempts I can dig around inside the guest and find little things like disk IDs and drivers containing "qemu" "qcow2" "virtio", part and serial numbers that are obvious long strings of zeros.

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    There will not be any generic answer, as there are simply way too many methods by which a program could detect that it is not running on bare metal. If you add your current qemu config and a specific giveaway, an answer might suggest how to remove that specific one. – anx Jan 22 at 8:43
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    Are the programs you run explicitly trying to figure out if they are in a VM? – Michael Hampton Jan 22 at 14:59
  • Yes they do actively try to determine if they are in a VM. However I do do not know what giveaways they look for. – Max Power Jan 30 at 2:42
  • I know most VM setups are used more for ease of server management which may actually benefit from the guest being aware and optimized for a VM, however I was hoping to go more down the simulated test-environment path that may be used by eg. developers targeting a new platform or testing code for embedded hardware(without needing to flash a fresh rom after every change) – Max Power Jan 30 at 2:50

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