I'm trying to add reports to my TFS 2018 installation following the tutorial here. When I get to the 'Upload reports to a team project' step, I execute the command

TFSConfig addprojectreports /collection:"http://myServer:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection" /teamproject:MyProject /template:"TemplateName"

and get the error "Access Denied: User needs the following permission(s) to perform this action: Delete this catalog node and its children" The User in this case is a Server admin, TFS admin and SQL Server admin. Not sure what permissions I'm missing. Can anyone shed some light on what I'm doing wrong?


So this was silly but I'll post the answer on the off chance that someone else does this. My user belonged to a group that explicitly denied permissions to modify the team project I was trying to upload the reports to. So even though I had admin access, the Deny trumped everything else. Removing myself from the group fixed it.

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