Currently I have a personal GCP account with various projects. But I want to have my projects associated with an organization, therefore I created a new Clound Identity-bound GCP account. Next I attempted to transfer GCP projects from my personal GCP account to the new Cloud Identity enabled GCP account, using the tool here.

While I was able to successfully send a project migration request from the new Cloud Identity-backed GCP account to my personal GCP account, when I get to the "Review Migrate Screen -> Select Projects" dialog it shows no projects to be selected. Simply the text "No projects available for migration" is displayed.

Review Migrate Request dialog

Having a hard time finding any documentation whatsoever that details what to do in this situation. Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



I replicated your scenario, read the documentation but I had the same issue.

However, I was able to migrate a project, all I did was add my GCP personal account into Cloud Identity and grant the project creator role, then I switched to my GCP personal account and went to the Manage Resources Page, clicked on the three little dots of the project I wanted to migrate, select migrate and I chose my organization.

Edit: After trying again, I found out that you need to wait at least 5 min so the projects to migrate can be displayed, of course that the documentation doesn't mention it, I suggest you to send a feedback so it can be improved.

  • Thanks kornshell93. If I understand you correctly, instead of migrating from one account to another (personal GCP account to a Cloud Identity account), instead you converted your GCP personal account (which had the projects to migrate) to a Cloud Identity account? And then initiated a transfer? – Mike Feb 2 at 2:35
  • No, basically I added my gcp personal account as a member of my cloud identity organization and granted the role project creator, then I switched to that personal account and went to the manage resources page and chose the project I wanted to migrate. – kornshell93 Feb 3 at 3:48
  • However as I mentioned in the edit section, it seems you need to wait around 5 min before accepting the migration request. – kornshell93 Feb 3 at 3:49

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