When I try to connect to an intranet machine, it only works if I specify domain credentials. When I use Windows Hello pin, it fails with this message:

An authentication error has occurred (Code: 0x8007013d)
Remote computer: theremotecomputername

Additional information:

  • Client is running Win10 enterprise. I can use the Windows Hello PIN normally for login into client and for applications. Only RDP fails.
  • Remote computer can be either Win10 enterprise or Win2016 server. Both fail.
  • Client and remote are domain-joined and I am admin of these computers (I'm not domain admin).
  • I can connect to remote with domain credentials, however any application that requires a PIN in the remote computer fails.
  • When you login to your client are you using a domain account with a Windows Hello PIN or are you using a Microsoft account with a Windows Hello pin? – Tim Liston Jan 23 at 22:49
  • Domain account. It's Windows Hello for Business. This used to work. Some update broke it, or something expired. – fernacolo Jan 23 at 22:59

You need to activate group policy "Use Windows Hello for Business certificates as smart card certificates".

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