Per this question,I decide to create dummy user to be the owner of website files.

Centos 7 offer default group ID 100 when I run useradd -u 508 -M -N -s /sbin/nologin dummyuser1.
I want to provide as little as possible privilege to the dummyuser1,then I don't want dummyuser1 has group.

How to do it?


Remove the -N option. You need to create a private user group exclusively for this user.

All users must have a group. If you don't want the user to be in any other groups, then the user should be in its own group. By default a group with the same name as the user is created, and that group has the same name as the user.

  • Even I will not provide any permission to dummyuser1,such as ----r----- 1 dummyuser apache 1757 Jun 3 2018 index.php, waste a dummy group for this dummyuser? – kittygirl Jan 25 at 3:26
  • 1
    It is not a waste. It is a necessity. – Michael Hampton Jan 25 at 3:29

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