I got a small task I'd like to implement in ansible:

There is a list of websites that are on the webserver, each associated with docroot, like this:

  • site1.com => docroot: /var/www/site1/
  • site2.com => docroot: /var/www/site2/
  • site2.net => docroot: /var/www/site2/

there are also some http-redirects tpo keep one address as main:

  • www.site1.com -> site1.com
  • www.site2.com -> site2.com
  • www.site2.net -> site2.com

I need to issue Let's Encrypt's certs for these sites but I need to issue it per site, not per each domain:

  1. cert1 will be for "site1.com, www.site1.com"
  2. cert2 will be for "site2.com, www.site2.com, site2.net, www.site2.net"

I just can't figure out how I can do that in ansible: to group domain names per docroot and per site so to issue certs for domains in groups at once.

P.S. Yes I understand I can issue certs per domains but I have a lot of 3rd-level domains on my site lists (and I won't issue wildcards for security reason), and LE do rate-limits so I won't run into limits any time in the future (it is 50 certs per registered domain per week, and maybe one day I might hit the limit).

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