I have a server that does not show standard bash prompt, after I log out from the machine.

If I ssh to this server, I can do all operation there (e.g. ls, cwd, etc) Tried to reinstall bash (sudo apt-get install --reinstall bash) also did not help, as well as source the bashrc.

This is the output that I currently have after ssh:

Linux mymachine 4.9.0-8-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.110-3+deb9u6 (2018-10-08) x86_64

The programs included with the Debian GNU/Linux system are free software;
the exact distribution terms for each program are described in the
individual files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright.

Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent
permitted by applicable law.
source ~/.bashrc
cd /tmp/

(no prompt shown there, but I can type any linux command there and directly shown ).

how can i have the bash prompt shown again?

Edit: With this command, my bash prompt comes back again

bash -i
bash: cannot set terminal process group (4896): Inappropriate ioctl for device
bash: no job control in this shell
mymachine@myuser2:~$ ls

now I am trying to figure out the error above, and why it returns me the prompt despite error.

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    Most probably your environment variable PS1 is set to an empty string. Check your sourced files where this is set. – Gerald Schneider Jan 28 '19 at 9:45
  • Please post your solution as an answer and accept it, don't just edit your question. This will mark your question as "solved" in the system. – Gerald Schneider Jan 28 '19 at 14:40

Ok i found the issue, the /dev/pts is missing for some reason. After mounting everything, it works as expected:

mount -t devtmpfs -o mode=0755 udev /dev
mount: udev is already mounted or /dev busy
       udev is already mounted on /dev
       udev is already mounted on /opt/axess_310_TICKET/dev
       udev is already mounted on /opt/grafana_test/dev
       udev is already mounted on /opt/axess_39/dev
       udev is already mounted on /opt/axess_39_TICKET/dev
       udev is already mounted on /opt/ACS_DUMP_TEST/dev

mount -t devpts devpts /dev/pts
udevadm trigger
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