I have a symfony project that every time I make a change I use the deploy. Now I need to add a wordpress project in the web folder and I do not want it to be affected by the deploy. I wanna exclude the path /web/tienda. Any could help me?. My deploy is the next:

namespace Deployer;

require_once 'recipe/symfony.php';

    ->forwardAgent() // You can use identity key, ssh config, or username/password to auth on the server.
    ->set('deploy_path', 'xxxxxx'); // Define the base path to deploy your project to.

$config = function () use ($parameters,$unison) {
    set("parameters", askConfirmation("¿Subir parameters local?"));
    set("uploads", askConfirmation("¿Subir tu carpeta uploads( Elimina cambios en servidor ) ?"));

task("config", $config);

task('parameters', function () use (&$parameters,&$unison) {
    if (get("parameters")) {
        upload('app/config/parameters.yml', '{{deploy_path}}/shared/app/config/parameters.yml');
task('permissions', function () use ($config) {
    if (get("uploads")) {
        upload('web/uploads', '{{release_path}}/web/uploads');

    upload('web/css/compiled', '{{release_path}}/web/css');
    upload('web/js/compiled', '{{release_path}}/web/js');

    //run('sudo chown -R {{http_user}}:{{http_group}} {{deploy_path}}/release {{deploy_path}}/releases {{deploy_path}}/shared');
    //run('sudo chmod 777 {{deploy_path}}/current/web/.htaccess');
    //run('sudo chown -R coosur:psacln {{deploy_path}}/shared/web/uploads');


//env('http_user', 'deployer');
set('http_user', 'coosur');
set('http_group', 'psacln');

set('shared_dirs', ['app/logs', 'web/uploads', 'web/media', 'web/es/tienda', 'web/tienda']);
set('keep_releases', 2);
set('writable_dirs', ['app/cache', 'app/logs', 'web/uploads', 'web/media']);
set('shared_files', ['app/config/parameters.yml']);

set('repository', 'xxxxx');
set('branch', 'xxxx');

before('deploy', 'config');
after('deploy:shared', 'parameters');
before('success', 'permissions');
set('bin/composer', 'composer');
set('bin/php', '/opt/plesk/php/7.0/bin/php');
set('dump_assets', false);

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