I'm trying to setup Ingress to serve from a static IP that I have created with gcloud. However it seems that Ingress does not take that configured one but picks a random new one.

The name of that IP Address is homefully-ingress-root and it is My ingress config looks like this:

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
    name: homefully-ingress
        kubernetes.io/ingress.global-static-ip-name: homefully-ingress-root
        app: homefully-ingress
    # ... 

The IP it ends up having, however is

NAME                HOSTS                       ADDRESS         PORTS     AGE
homefully-ingress   adminpanel.homefully.tech   80        12m

It seems like the annotation for the homefully-ingress-root ip address is completely ignored. That IP Address also shows up as "unassigned" in the google cloud console.

Can anybody help me understanding the issue here?

Best, Matthias

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my fault - the ip i had created was not a global one.

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Just to add more information to what @Matthias-Huttar did, you can reserve two types of external IP addresses:

  • A regional IP address which can be used by VM instances with one or more network interfaces or by Network load balancers.
  • A global IP address which can be used for global load balancers: HTTP(S), SSL proxy, and TCP proxy.

When you create an Ingress in your cluster, GKE creates an HTTP(S) load balancer and configures it to route traffic to your application.

More information on how to reserving a new static external IP address on the official documentation.

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