I´m using Debian 9.
PROBLEM: I can only reach my subdomain by appending a specific port
Summary: I´m running two docker containers (laradock and mailcow). Both of them have their own instance of a web server (laradock: caddy, mailcow: nginx). Since I´m prioritizing my laradock container, it is the one blocking/using ports 80 and 443 (on localhost) for incoming http(s) traffic. My other container with nginx (mailcow) is listening to ports 8089 (http) and 8090 (https) on I want to re-route all requests to webmail.mydomain.com, probably using caddy as a reverse-proxy in this case, to the ports utilized by mailcow. My attempts configuring a reverse-proxy with the not-so-well-known-caddy have failed with 502 gateway errors until now (and I can´t use nginx for my laradock container). Can anybody provide a solution to my problem? This doesn´t have to include port forwarding/reverse proxies.

  • In your config you have https://abc.example.com --> http://abc.example.com:8090 but then you say https://abc.example.com:8090 directly is one of those a typo. – Drifter104 Jan 29 '19 at 16:40
  • @Drifter104 sry typo – SearchingSolutions Jan 29 '19 at 17:00

I solved the problem by using nginx on my main system as a reverse proxy for both caddy and mailcow.

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