How do I make an Alert property work just like I want it to?

What is the capacity of Action properties in SSRS? Ok, so, just like a hyperlink in html, in SSRS, most objects have an Action property that you can set to any URL, such as the URL of another report. So this leads me to more questions. There are several ways of setting up hyperlink. You can make it so that when you click on it, it opens an entirely new browser tab, or you can set it up so that the next page overrides the current page displayed in the browser. Is there a way of setting the Action property so that you tell it exactly what you want? But wait, there is more, I have learned (and maybe you have too) that an SSRS page on a 2008 server does not display correctly in a Chrome browser (the report is shown in a tiny iframe for some reason). So is there some way to make the Action property such that it will only open Internet Explorer?

I have two reports. One I want to make sure that the action does not open any net tabs (I am guessing now that this is the default anyway. The other report, is going to be sent out as an email alert subscription. So the Action properties in this second report needs to open a browser. I want to know if I can structure the Alert such that it opens Internet Explorer instead of Chrome since Chrome does not work.

Here is the next question. Another developer showed me a report he made that is embedded in an iframe. I wonder if that is even necessary if you do not have any need for a separate web page's content for a report. Is there any need for that if I am just going to have one ssrs email alert with Action property objects that will open up another browser showing a direct link to an SSRS report?

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