I currently have an Archer C1200 setup as an OpenVPN server which is located on a network with a Public IP. I also have another router with an OpenVPN DD-WRT firmware behind a Private IP Address. I would like to connect from the DD-WRT Router to the Archer C1200 VPN Server. What values should I put in the DD-WRT Router Client for the TUN MTU Setting, TUN MTU Extra, TCP MSS, LZO Compression and nsCertType? Additionally, I also notice from the .ovpn file that the LZO compression is set to adaptive, however, the settings in the DD-WRT client is only Enable or Disable.

The first part of the .ovpn certificate file is as follows:

dev tun
proto tcp
cipher AES-128-CBC
comp-lzo adaptive
resolv-retry infinite
remote [my ip address] [port]

Thanks in Advanced,


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