So, I've managed to set-up openldap to proxy to my company AD, but, I want to additionally add some custom data!

Luckily for me, OpenLDAP supports this use case and has the ability to create what's called a translucent database. I've managed to configure this correctly, and now I can override data in my company AD.

What doesn't seem to work - at all - is paging via this set-up. First and foremost, I can't seem to disable the hard limit of 500 items; but what's worse, if I enable paging, I can't retrieve more than 5 pages or so. Even if my page size is 5, I'll only get get 25 records in total.

I know that I'm doing something wrong here...

To make my life a bit easier, I'm trying things out via the classic slapd.conf file. As soon as I have all the correct parameters, I can slaptest this away in the new configuration way. So if anyone would have some ideas on how to do this is slapd.conf first?

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