I was looking for information and help on how to use data acquired from a sensor device and uploaded to my google cloud project as a metric for an alerting policy on Stackdriver Monitoring.

Currently my team and I are using BigQuery to query the data from the sensor device if that helps.

The main goal I have in mind is to monitor the data coming in from our device and if a certain value or set of values remains too high for an arbitrary Stackdriver Monitoring will send out an incident alert to registered phones and emails.

Admittedly I am rather new to GCP and Stackdriver so try to keep responses in layman's terms.


You should first configure the notification option intended, later on when creating the policy you can use the "Notifications (optional)" option.

Related with the metrics for the creation of this policy, BigQuery don't have support for that kind of process but I found this answer over Stackoverflow about "How can I trigger an email or other notification based on a BigQuery query?" so you could perform a query to check over the changes in your data and alert based on that.

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