Client is connecting to Host A using OpenVPN.

  • Client can now reach Host B (Routes created on Client machine by OpenVPN client)
  • Host B can now reach Client (Routes manually created on Host B)

When Client does an HTTP request to Host B, Host B sees Host As IP address. This is normal and how the VPN should work.

How can I port forward from Host A to Client, so that Host B does not need to know Host As address?

  • "What is the best solution so that Host B sees Client's IP address instead?" - That should only happen when traffic from the Client to HostB is NOT routed over the VPN connection, along the lines of this Q&A. Is that what you want? – HBruijn Feb 1 at 13:18
  • I actually want to route traffic from Host B to Client. During Request/Response context this works, as NAT table will figure routing out. Would this connection be possible, using Host As ip, but AFTER NAT table is cleared? Maybe some sort of OpenVPN server to client port forwarding? I will rephrase question – MichaelAttard Feb 1 at 13:24

Without using OpenVPN myself, I would say the VPN machine is using NAT and though hiding the client IP addresses.

This link may explane how to do it.

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