I have an apache2 running on an Odroid XU4, and I've managed to configure port redirects, Dynamic DNS and HTTPS using LetsEncrypt.

Right now I'm using a DDNS domain from a free service (xxx.ddnss.de), and it all works flawlessly.

I do however, have several domains bought in a hosting company, and I wanted to use on of this for my web app.

In the hosting I have configured a 301 redirect, which points newdomain.com to https://xxx.ddnss.de, but what I'm looking for is how to keep the new domain visible in the address bar.

For example, I open newdomain.com, it redirects to https://xxx.ddnss.de/index.php?u=test, but in the address bar it stays as https://newdomain.com/index.php/u=test.

I assume I have to apply some configuration into the apache2, but I'm missing the specific name of what I'm trying to do, and my searches have been unsuccessful.

Any tips?

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