I'm building a newer replacement for a package, libgpg-error. Ubuntu also has a libgpg-error0, which is depended upon by system packages (such as systemd). My package provides everything libgpg-error0 does, therefore I list the following:

Package: libgpg-error
Version: 1.35-1
Conflicts: libgpg-error, libgpg-error-dev, libgpg-error0
Provides: libgpg-error0, libgpg-error, libgpg-error-dev
Replaces: libgpg-error, libgpg-error-dev, libgpg-error0

However, dpkg refuses to upgrade to it cleanly. What am I missing?

The resulting deb can be seen here, and the (fpm-cook) code for it here.



This answer seems to be applicable: https://serverfault.com/a/429226, though in the same question another answer is present stating provides do allow versions.


According to debian policy, Provides cannot, in fact, have a version, therefore is ignored by Depends. I'll be renaming my package just for Ubuntu in this case to satisfy this dependency.

According to dpkg changelog (which is no longer available), Provides do now allow versioning and this should work, but when I tried it did not (with version

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