I have N Windows 2016 servers with a folder which needs to have binaries up-to-date. This folder (actually) haves ~200GB, but it may grow, twice its size or even more.

My idea was to keep those folders updated with Ansible, so every time I want a new server, Ansible will keep everything ready. (one by one is not an option since I can have from 1 to... 1000-10000 servers)

I though of something git-like, but reading about git and big files/binaries I saw that it isn't the best solution. (Maybe mercurial?)

Another idea was to set up an NFS Server and keep all the Servers connected. Then once I want an update, just download that folder (Note: I DO NOT want the folder to keep updated on real time). Con: If it's just one change, it would be overkill, every server would need a lot of time.

Looking here and over internet, I found a lot of information but nearly always related to shared disks for enterprise, or real time folders. So, I would know if someone already tried something like that or knows something, and would like to give an opinion about it.

I really like the feature of downloading only the changes of the repo from control version, but I would not use all the others features, like commits, branches, etc... Maybe there is already something to just download the changes from the server?

Thank you!


Have you consider using rsync? This program can sync all you files and transfer only new/changed files.

Also consider DFSR which is native Microsoft option

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    I'm testing rsync, since I can update everything on demand easier with ansible. Thank you! – Didac Plaza Feb 5 '19 at 15:05

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