I have a Windows 2016 Server and I need to read the Windows Update log file. So I ran the Get-WindowsUpdateLog PS command and the outputted file said No Format Information Found. So I then ran the following command to convert the .ETL files directly:

tracefmt.exe -o updates.log WindowsUpdate01.etl -r srv*c:\symbols*https://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols

The command did run but the output was the same as before with No Format Information Found entries. tracefmt.exe also outputted the following:

Processing completed Buffers: 4, Events: 119, EventsLost: 0 :: Format Errors: 0, Unknowns: 113

So i'm guessing the 113 Unknowns are because the symbols can't be converted.

As a test I ran exactly the same tracefmt.exe command on a Windows 10 PC and was able to convert its .ETL files successfully. The tracefmt.exe file i'm using is from the Windows 10 WDK.

Does anyone know why I can't convert the .ETL file? Does Server 2016 require a different tracefmt.exe version than Windows 10?

Thanks, Jason

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