I asked a freelancer to migrate the website from staging to live server and they perform the migration, but now I want to back up the files and DB I need a pem file, which the freelancer never gave me. What do I do? I don't know the FTP details also. How can I backup my website files and DB? The website is hosted on aws Ec2-Linux?

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    Does this EC2 instance run in your AWS account, or the freelancer's account? – Michael Hampton Feb 5 at 17:31
  • its my account but i have given the aws credentials to those freelancer – Nitesh Chulani Feb 6 at 16:50

You can create a snapshot of the EBS.

aws ec2 create-snapshot --volume-id vol-1234567890abcdef0 --description "This is my root volume snapshot"

Reminder: EBS Volume snapshots are stored in S3 but they're not visble to user through the bucket.

(You must have IAM Permissions to EC2 to perform this action)

  • This answer doesn't solve the problem. Do you to say there's some way to replace the PEM key from a snapshot? – Tim Feb 5 at 19:48
  • The answer was more directed towards his other question of "How can I backup my website files and DB" -- If you create a snapshot and attach that EBS to another EC2 instance you can create another PEM file. – RyanWilliamWest Feb 5 at 19:50
  • Without a pem file they can't ssh in probably can't run that command. – Tim Feb 5 at 23:51
  • i can't ssh because i don't have they key, the freelancers have the key and ftp details – Nitesh Chulani Feb 6 at 16:52
  • You don't need the key here to SSH. As long as you have access to the Console, create a snapshot, attach that snapshot to another EC2 instance, and change the PEM key. Here is the AWS Document on how to create a new key. docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/… – RyanWilliamWest Feb 6 at 16:55

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