Where are the configuration files located for PostgreSQL 11 on Ubuntu, specifically 16.04?

Postgres Ubuntu packages normally store their configs in /etc/postgresql/<version>/main. However, I just purged all postgresql packages, and then install Postgresql 11 vai sudo apt install postgresql-11.

Now, the folder /etc/postgresql exists, but it's completely empty. Normally the default package install populates the subdirectories with defaults, but there's nothing there. I tried manually populating them and then restarting the server, but I can't connect even thought sudo service postgresql status says the server's running?

Did the location of the config files change in PG11? I can't find any mention of this in the release docs. Where are the new config files located on Ubuntu?


Even though I ran sudo apt-get purge postgresql*, this apparently left the /var/lib/postgresql/* directories for previous versions unchanged, and it seems something in there was preventing the new install from initializing the files for version 11.

I fixed this by again purging everything but then also manually deleting /var/lib/postgresql. I then re-installed the postgresql-11 package and everything worked fine.

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