I have a wordpress website, hosted on Windows Server 2012. http is working, but https is not!

  • I got a SSL certificate from the provider (via digicert), and installed in into the Certificate Store in "Personal"

  • In IIS, on the website, I chose "Edit Bindings" and entered https protocol for the IP on port 443. And I selected the SSL Certificate.

  • Port 443 is definitively open (checked firewall settings)

But when I want to access the website from a client computer via https, I always get a timeout.

Any ideas?

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    A timeout usually points toward a firewall issue. If it is not the firewall of the machine itself, it can be a firewall by your hosting provider (or anywhere else between your server and your local machine). – Gerald Schneider Feb 6 at 13:20
  • blog.lextudio.com/… Like the other comment said, you neglected the fact that your server is not directly connected to. – Lex Li Feb 6 at 15:04
  • Thank you. I came nearer and posted a new question. SSL is working because it works when calling the website from inside. Firewall also seems to be correct. And provider says, they are not blocking anything. – askolotl Feb 12 at 9:52

Problem solved. Actually the provider was blocking from outside. It turned out the support guy has given me a wrong answer in the first place.

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