I have wrapped OpenSSL so it can be used within an application I am writing to create and manage certificates. I am able to load a certificate (and private key) from file and store it in a class object. I can then use the OpenSSL API to write the object to file which is successful.

What I am unable to do is extract information regarding the certificate once it has been loaded in from file.

I have created an error handling class that catches an exception and displays the error code but all that is returned are 0's.

(Error [0]: error:000000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0) - Failed to set issuer name)

void Certificate::setIssuerName(X509_NAME* oName)
  if (X509_set_issuer_name(mptX509, oName) == 0)
    throw OpenSSLError(ERR_get_error(), "Failed to set issuer name");

X509_NAME* Certificate::getIssuerName()
  return X509_get_issuer_name(mptX509);

I have tried to isolate the issue from my application and wrote a section of code that creates to certificate objects, loads a certificate from file in to one and then try to read the issuer from it and set it on the second.

Certificate certLoad;
Certificate certTest;


X509_NAME* name = certLoad.getIssuerName();

The certificate being loaded is a valid certificate, and I am able to load it in, write it back to a file and install it on a web server and it still works correctly.

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