I have an issue in which I have a network of systems connected on an internal network that communicate system status to a gateway system. The gateway system is running a node.js webpage accessed through a wifi connection that allows the webpage to display in a local browser when connected to the internal network.

The gateway system runs a discovery daemon that looks for new systems added to the network on ip 10.X.X.X and then retrieves status from the added systems. The info from all of these systems is the data used to populate the webpage.

I have numerous locations all running similarly and all working on IP address starting with 10. I am currently working to setup either a single web server instance on AWS that would allow me to access each of the gateways and their generated web pages from a public web address.

I have been able to make this work with the first location using OpenVPN connection from the gateway to the instance on AWS. The issue is when I add an additional location to the instance through VPN the locations network discovery adds the other locations info to each ones generated webpage. Is there a way to limit the discovery of the other locations systems through the VPN so that they only see the systems on their local network and not all the systems that are attached through VPN.


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