I've seen many tutorials recommending glusterfs for distributed web application hosting. Is this really the best practice for small scale load balancing?

It seems the latency issue is slowing us down when we test this. Right now we have three nodes, each running nginx. They are all glusterfs servers and have the file system mounted to /var/www. We don't mind having a copy of php files on all servers, but perhaps there is a better way to sync changes than gluster?

  • Something like aws.amazon.com/efs perhaps? There are plugins to offload things like user-uploaded assets to S3 that might work, as well. – ceejayoz Feb 7 at 21:47
  • Thanks for the suggestion @ceejayoz, but I'm looking to scale Wordpress itself horizontally (multiple servers to run PHP). EFS looks like it might work, but I was hoping for an open source solution I could implement on any cloud service. – Nate Feb 8 at 0:26
  • I once ran a multi-server WP install with the WP files checked into a Git repository and deployed on multiple servers, and the wp-uploads folder as a mounted S3 bucket. Had to avoid the "edit the PHP files via WordPress's interface" thing, but otherwise it worked quite well. – ceejayoz Feb 8 at 2:09

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