On Huawei OceanStor V300R006C20, I would active (for test purpose) snmp v2c to query DataStore through 161 port.

After follow this Huawei documentation, I can't query with snmpwalk or snmpget and get connexion timeout error.

Result of command executed on OceanStore:

admin:/>change snmp port port_number=161
WARNING: You are about to change the listening port of the SNMP service. This operation may cause the restart of the SNMP service and use the newly configured listening port.
Suggestion: Before you perform this operation, disconnect the network management software and SNMP service. After the configuration is successful, use the new port to connect to SNMP service.
Have you read warning message carefully?(y/n)y

Are you sure you really want to perform the operation?(y/n)y
Command executed successfully.
admin:/>show snmp port

  SNMP Listening Port : 161
admin:/>change snmp version v1v2c_switch=On
CAUTION: You are about to enable SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c. But you are advised to use the secure SNMPv3 protocol only.
Do you wish to continue?(y/n)y
Command executed successfully.
admin:/>change snmp community read_community=FakeCommunity01@Read write_community=FakeCommunity01@Write
Command executed successfully.

Test with snmpget and snmpwalk:

$ snmpget -c 'FakeCommunity01@Read' -v 2c <IP> SNMPv2-MIB::sysContact.0
Timeout: No Response from <IP>
$ snmpwalk -c 'FakeCommunity01@Read' -v 2c <IP>
Timeout: No Response from <IP>

Of couses, Firewall rules are opens (all port for test) to allow connexion and I can telnet to 8088 administration port

Thank in advance

  • Solved : The SAN response on maintenance interface insteat mgmt interface even if done. – user5525652 Feb 25 at 13:24

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