I have a private GKE cluster running in a single subnet and region. The nodes in the cluster utilize the subnet's CIDR of The cluster has two secondary CIDR ranges for its pods and services ( and respectively).

On-prem I have a Meraki router with an established IKEv1 VPN tunnel to the single subnet. The router does not support IKEv2 and I currently cannot configure BGP (however I think this may be a possibility and am reaching out to our rep). I believe the Meraki expects to handle this situation by specifying multiple traffic selectors, however GCP does not support this for static routing as it goes against the standard. I am able to connect to the nodes using their internal IPs in the subnet, but I cannot connect to any of the pods or services running in the secondary CIDRs from on-prem.

I am very inexperienced with this area so I apologize for any inconsistencies, but here is what I've tried so far and what I'm thinking may work:

  1. I've tried a second VPN connection specifically for the GKE service CIDR. I can get the tunnel connected but still cannot connect to the services. I created this using a terraform module[1] that I also used for my other VPN. Not sure if there may be some firewall rules I need to add?

  2. If I can get my router to support BGP then that may work from what I can see in Google's guides[2]. Can you even use BGP over IKEv1?

  3. Using single VPN, create an internal load balancer running in the subnet. However this would have some drawbacks and would increase complexity I think.

  4. If I cannot get my router to support BGP, and this is the only way to make this work, I could spin up a separate VPN server on-prem if I had to. I would prefer not to do this though.


  1. https://registry.terraform.io/modules/terraform-google-modules/vpn/google/0.3.0

  2. https://cloud.google.com/vpc/docs/alias-ip#example_configuring_containers_with_alias_ip_ranges

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