I have a number of systems that generate XML events and I want to record these events centrally so they can be viewed in realtime. The only thing the different events have in common is that they are XML. Assume I don't have the resources to figure out all the schemas, and thus I can't convert the data format to something else in realistic timeframe. I want to just view the events in a web browser ordered by received date and see them update without any manual refreshes involved. I need the XML to be pretty-printed by the solution, as the events won't be 'pretty' on the wire.

Is there something off-the-shelf that will do what I want? Preferably free, if not paid.

I can write my own script or program to run on the system generating the events, in order to send the events to the central location. That part can be in any language, but it should be portable to cover Windows and Linux.


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