I am managing a website. In production environment, all the emails are relayed through a central postfix using amazon ses as smtp relay. The reasons to add postfix in between and not use ses directly from application code are queuing, and ability to switch to other relay in case of some issue with ses. All the emails have valid sender & recipient address and do not rewriting/mapping is needed.

Now, in internal environments, I want emails to be sent out to either a set of whitelisted addresses (say test1@mydomain.com, etc). In case of receipt isn't whitelisted, the address should be rewritten to a pre-configured hardcoded address (say testdefault@mydomain.com).

There is not need to put restriction around email origin machine/network-interface/domain as these are handled at network security level.

Really confused with all the options like alias_maps or virtual_maps or virtual_alias_maps.

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