I have a GCE instance running and was creating using the gcloud SDK. For some reason, each time a start such instance, this is stopped automatically without a logic reason.

I read the log and I'm the getting the following:

Stackdrive Logging

Would you have some recommendations of what would be the problem?


  • We don't know why your guest OS shutdown. That information would be inside the guest, but you configured it to terminate on shutdown, so it's not there anymore. – Michael Hampton Feb 11 '19 at 21:54
  • Ahmmm, I'm basically using the following source to try to set the VM instance ---> simoahava.com/google-cloud/…. – Angel Hernandez Feb 11 '19 at 21:57
  • Does something from that article give a guess why this is shutdowning? I'm really kind of lost of where to go to solve this. – Angel Hernandez Feb 11 '19 at 21:58

Regarding the compute.instances.guestTerminate event in the log appears that the instance's guest OS itself was the one which requested to shutdown / halt so the instance was terminated as a result. This could be due a command such as shutdown -h now inside the VM.

Regarding your provided document the VM instance will shut itself down when the crawl is complete:

enter image description here

Also, I recommend you to remove or hide your project ID and instance ID in your provided Stackdriver log as is visible in public.

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