I have a postfix/dovecot setup for a personal mail account. It's really just a one-man mail setup.

Now I want to move my setup to a new VPS which means it'd get a new IPv4 address. My concern is that I'm getting blacklisted because I use a new address. Is that a legit concern or am I just fine using whatever IP address as long as my (r)DNS records are fine?

To answer anx' question: Why the one-man setup?
Privacy. One account per service.

  • Does it send >100 mails per day to any big freemail providers? Maintaining any "one-man setups" at all is often only justified by exceptional use-cases. – anx Feb 11 at 22:40
  • You may get an IP address that was used by a spammer. I'd check some reputation sights like those listed in sendgrid.com/blog/5-ways-check-sending-reputation. You'll be subject to greylisting so configure your mail server to retry sending and don't expect your mail to be delivered nearly instantly. – Mark Wagner Feb 11 at 23:00

Adding an DNS SPF record for new IP before you make the transition for outbound mail may help. I suspect you won't have much control over your IP, so if it has previously been associated with spammers you'll have to wait its reputation to improve by being a model netizen, or take another roll of the dice.

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