I am the Administrator for my local Public Library. We use Deep Freeze on all of our computers, but I go around once every couple of weeks and update them manually. That is, I "unfreeze" them, Install updates, and then re-"freeze" them. We have several Dell Optiplex 980s that otherwise work perfectly, except one tiny hiccup. Whenever we try to update these machines, they act like the updates install successfully. Except for Windows Internet Explorer 11, which throws Error 9C57. I have searched extensively online to try to find a solution, I know all of our computers are properly activated, and I have tried Microsoft Supports solution of manually installing updates "in order". I have reset the SoftwareDistribution folder many times, reset the Windows Update service, run the Windows Update fix tool. Nothing works. The updates it is stuck on are, in order:

2019-01 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for WIndows 7 fox x64-based Systems (KB4480970) Size=31KB
Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems Size=87.6MB
Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2871997) Size=23KB
Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3004375) Size=23KB
Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3046269) Size=25KB
Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3068708) Size=23KB
Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3184143) Size=92KB

Additionally, whenever I install only part of the updates, they will go through, only to pop back up again later. They claim that the Install was successful, and then the update with the same KB number pop up to be installed again. And I can't get it to stop.

My exact system specs are as follows:

OS Microsoft Windows 7 Pro
Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
System Manufacturer Dell Inc.
System Model OptiPlex 980
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 680 @ 3.60GHz, 3591 Mhz, 2 Cores, 4 Logical Processors
BIOS Version Dell Inc. A07, 1/21/2011
SMBIOS Version 2.6
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7601.17514"

Also, in case it's at all relevant for checking at Dell's website, my Service tag is CHC6FQ1

I am completely stuck, so any help would be greatly appreciated!


I seen some report that the KB3177467 must be installed before that update to have it work.

Link to get it; https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/search.aspx?q=3177467

and you can see the KB text there; https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/3177467/servicing-stack-update-for-windows-7-sp1-and-windows-server-2008-r2-sp

The second link talk that the KB is included in Windows 7 SP1, but the first link we can see release date of 2018-10, as such please give it a try.

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  • Awesome, I will give that a try and report back. Thank you for the tip! – Tim Powell Feb 12 '19 at 19:38

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