I'm having some trouble with my initial Rancid set up for my network config backups.

I am at the phase where I am attempting to use the rancid-run command to test. When the script completes, I will receive one of the following messages in the log entries:

sh: /usr/local/rancid/bin/rancid-fe: /root/localperl/bin/perl: Bad interpreter: Permission Denied


exec(rancid -t cisco) failed router manufacturer: Permission Denied

I did some research regarding the first error message and I found answers relating to the perl path inside of the rancid-fe scripts and other rancid scrips in the bin folder. The path #!/root/localperl/bin/perl was at the top of the "rancid-fe" script and a few other rancid scripts. Apparently this is not the correct path for perl (or the fact that it is in the root home prevents the rancid user from accessing it).

I modified that shebang to #!/usr/bin/perl in rancid-fe and that is when the second error began appearing inside of the generated log files. I am not entirely sure what "permissions" the error messages are referring to or how perl interacts with rancid. This is my first time dealing with rancid. I would like some help in fixing this issue or understanding the relationship between perl, rancid, and the error message so that I may move forward in troubleshooting.

I could not find any resources or insight into the second error, thus the thread title. Apologies if I missed anything or repeated an already answered question.

Additional Context: Rancid version 3.9, CentOS 6.9, updated Perl 5.28.1 (installed from source),

  • Why did you put in /usr/bin/perl instead of the path to your locally compiled perl? – Michael Hampton Feb 12 at 0:52
  • One of the solutions I found relating to the issue seemed to suggest the local path was incorrect. I modified the script to see if that was the case. Either way, I still get a permission based error. – Reborn Feb 12 at 2:15

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