I have a nodejs app deployed to Heroku. I want to add a custom domain with SSL to this app; however I am confused about how some of it works. I already have a custom domain and i want to add a certificate to it.

The parts that confuse me:

1) Adding SSL certificate to domain only: Will adding the ssl certificate only to the domain, enable SSL communication to heroku without adding any certificate explicitly to heroku? (I don't think that this will work but i'm not sure, a bit of explanation would be helpful.)

2) Heroku SSL: I have read heroku SSL guide(https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/ssl) but that is available only for paid dynos. What if i want to add certificates for a free dyno? Is that not possible at all using heroku?

3) Create https node server: If i create an https server using node and express and add the same SSL certificate to the https server will that enable SSL communication? (As i understand heroku terminates SSL at load balancing step so creating an HTTPS server itself might be futile)

I have read several other articles but i haven't been able to find the answer to the above three points.

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