We are looking for NAS solution that will be used as secondary storage to hold large amount of data. We have received following proposals that are under our pre allocated budget.

  • SnapServer XSR120 / HDD - SnapServer XSR 8TB SATA ENT > QTY: 8 disks for RAID10 / 10g network card / Warranty 1 year
  • Synology with 512gb ssd cache (QTY:2) & Seagate 7200 rm Ironwolf > QTY 10 disks for RAID10 / 10g network card / Warranty 2 years

What are reviews for overland vs synology in terms of reliability & better integration with active directory?

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I give my vote for Synology. It will have better performance because of SSD cache (read or read-write mode). As for AD integration, I haven’t had any issues with it - user friendly GUI where user/group access can be configured.

We are using 2 Synology boxes with active-active replication provided by 3-rd party vsan software. A sample configuration of high available solution -


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    We are running Active Directory with Single Label Domain. (SLD) like our domain name is ABC (there is no .local or com) . is Synology NAS compatible with the single label domain, can we make it member of SLD domain ? – iBBi Feb 15 at 6:39

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