I have a production server. I created an exact copy of that server for development.

example.com (Production Server)
dev.example.com (Development Server)

Because it is an exact replica, it also carried over the SSL certificates (Let's Encrypt) information from the production server.

If I delete the certificate on the development server via sudo certbot delete, will this affect the production server (the SSL certificate specifically) in any way? I don't completely understand SSL certificates, and I am not sure if deleting it off the server will delete it on Let's Encrypts' end or something of that sort.


No, It would not affect your production server anyway. The Certbot only generates and verifies that the domain belongs to you. Once it confirmed. Two lines are inserted into your nginx config/apache2 config.

so purging the certbot would not remove it since what your servers are using are located in /etc/ssl/letsencrypt/.... one file ends with .pem and other .key

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