I'm having issue to configure Postfix & Courier for multiple domain without being blocked....

I have 2 domains on my server and I setted an email server with Postfix & Courier... First, I've been blacklisted because my server was relaying spam (sorry ^^). Now I tried another configuration but my server keeps crashing... I'm trying to empty my queue because I got 1.5Go defer/1.2Go deferred mails in my queue... But it's so slow to delete everything ! I tried "postsuper -d ALL" and "rm -rf /var/spool/postfix/...." but it's so slow....

Now I'm stuck, my service's queue is full and I can't find a good configuration for my service....

How can I empty (and do I really need to) my queue ? (I don't mind if I loose a few incoming mails, nothing important for now) What is the good configuration to stop sending spams but use multiple domain ? How can I block receveing spams ?

Thank you ! Pascal

PS : I have a screen on command postsuper -d ALL running... hoping it's emptying the queue... PS2 : Courier and postfix are stopped as they aren't usable

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