When I restart my Azure Ubuntu VM and then try to connect to it using Remote Desktop Connection, RDC shows the login screen and after passing the credentials it shows I am successfully logged as shown in the connection log, but the connection is terminated immediately with a message 'Your Remote Desktop Services session has ended.'. The below-attached screenshot shows the same. Error_connecting_to_VM.

After the first attempt to sign in, RDC doesn't show the login screen.

I tried to troubleshoot the issue with the help of following link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-machines/linux/use-remote-desktop

After I executed the following command sudo netstat -plnt | grep rdp on SSH before the first attempt to login using RDC it worked properly by giving me the output

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 53192/xrdp-sesman

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 53188/xrdp

But, after the first attempt to login using RDC, it only gives the output

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 53192/xrdp-sesman

Please help me with this issue. Thanks in Advance.

  • Maybe the resources of the VM is not enough. You can try to change the VM into a bigger size with more CPU and Memory. Also, you could try to check your network or connect in another place. – Charles Xu - MSFT Feb 13 at 7:59

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