Why the ping command's output value is different from the mtr command ? I am curious。

ping: about 0.5ms

mtr: about 2.3ms

enter image description here

  • because mtr != icmp? MTR sends out a udp packet with a specific TTL. – Zoredache Feb 14 '19 at 2:55

Because mtr != ping?

Depending on your switches mtr sends out an UDP packet with a specific TTL, and gets a ICMP reply?

Ping sends out an ICMP echo request? Also different size by default. At least on my an IPv4 ping is 64 bytes, the UDP packet mtr sends is 48 bytes. The replies from the router need to be an ICMP time exceeded instead of a ICMP echo reply.

Anyway the tools work differently, and so you might get different results.

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