I just did some search of my question before asking this, however I'm too new to the networking of KVM in red hat enterprise linux therefore most of the information helped a little.

in my lab, a RHEL 7.4 is installed on physical server which has two NIC ports: enp94s0f0 and enp94s0f1, and I would like to configure a bridge network on the VLAN tagged enp94s0f1 for virtual machines to use in the KVM.

I've practiced this on NIC port enp94s0f0 beforehand and succeed with the following commands:

nmcli connection add type bridge con-name br0 ifname br0 ip4 gw4 ipv4.dns ipv4.method manual ipv4.dns-search example.local

to create br0 device with settings, and

nmcli con add type vlan con-name enp94s0f0.1107 dev enp94s0f0 id 1107 master br0 slave-type bridge

to configure vlan tag 1107 on enp94s0f0 then become the slave of br0.

After that the br0 network on device enp94s0f0.1107 is online.

The main point of the post is - I want to make another bridge device to utilize the vlan tagged device enp94s0f1.1107 (same subnet and routing as shown in nmcli above, and for VMs to use in the future) and here's the questions to clarify:

  1. does the "bridge network" allow VMs to directly use the physical vlan network?

  2. it is allowed to not to configure IP (either static or DHCP) for the bridge itself? cause i wanna make it just a bridge for VMs...

  3. following the previous question, if so, then which parameters should i change in the nmcli? (the VMs' network that use the bridge should be able to reach the vlan 1107 and be forwarded out of vlan 1107)

sorry for the dumb questions and thanks for any help in advance!

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