I am using Internet site documents and have SMTP Inbound Site document that have TCp authenication enabled for both Name & password and Anonymous

In the server configuration document I have added two specific IP addresses that are allowed to make SMTP connections which is my spam servers.

but when I examine the log I can see that even though I have disabled all IP's except two other IP's are still allowed to make requests for SMTP TCP authentications.

2019-02-15 12:01:06 SMTP Server Connection from [] rejected for policy reasons. IP address of connecting host not found in reverse DNS lookup.

2019-02-15 12:01:06 SMTP Server: Authentication failed for user admin@acme.com ; connecting host

So as you can see first the IP is refused to make a connection and after that the same IP is allowed to make a TCP authenticated reuest.

I have also tried to add all the IP addresses that tries to authenticate to the "Deny connections from the following SMTP" field in the server configuration document but that does not help.

how can I prevent so that I only my trusted IP addresses can make authenticated SMTP requests?

Server configuration document

enter description here

This image show another scenario than the one described in the text, but it is the same problem

enter image description here

SMTP Internet site document

enter image description here

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