Althoug we added (and can publicly query) a TXT Record in the form MS=ms1223333 Domain validation fails. When I make a Query I get two TXT records: External lookup

Any tips what's wrong or what we are missing?


We finally found that someone of a different developer team already added the domain. A better error message would have helped a lot.

  • Most times I find Powershell gives better return values. docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/azure/… – Ken W MSFT Feb 19 at 18:10
  • Unfortunately we sit behind a corporate firewall and can access the internet only via browser. Neither can I download the PS modules (which are a kind of nuget packages but from oneget.. or so) nor am I able to access the internet via powershell. – ManniAT Feb 19 at 18:22
  • I would highly recommend that you and your team get at least one machine (call it a tools server) that has PowerShell and/or the CLI installed on it. While we are constantly adding functionality to the portal, you can't do everything via the browser. The commandline is a must for a successful cloud shop. – Ken W MSFT Feb 19 at 20:52

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