I plan to have two (and maybe more) servers running dovecot with the mail dirs shared via NFS. To avoid caching issues I'd like to setup a director on each machine. Per dovecot documentation running dovecot director and a backend on the same server is broken. At the same time it mentions:

Have the passdb lookup return director_proxy_maybe=y. LMTP however doesn't currently support mixing recipients to both being proxied and store locally.

Does it mean it works for IMAP/POP3 but not LMTP (aka inbound message delivery from post)? What is the difference to running the director in it's own instance that makes it work?

Moreover, the director wiki reads:

# LMTP first does a passdb lookup to to see if there's a proxy field returned.
# If not, it fallbacks to doing userdb lookup.
lmtp_proxy = yes

Doesn't this contradict the statement above about mixing proxy and local storage is not supported for LMTP? Does the problem still apply as of dovecot 2.3?

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