I have a directory structure 4 subdirectories deep: [Department] -> [Job #] -> [Docs] -> [EMail]

At the [Docs] level I have 4 groups inherited from root and one group (st_JobDocs) explicit. All inherit to subfolders.

st_JobAdmin: grant F
st_Job_R: grant RX
st_JobDocs: grant F
st_ITStorageAdmin: grant F
st_GlobalDeny: deny F

At level [Email] I want to remove st_JobDocs and st_Job_R groups; keep st_GlobalDeny, st_ITStorageAdmin, and st_JobAdmin; and add st_JobDocsEmail:(OI)(CI)(F).

To do that I run from the [Department] level:

for /D %%D in (*) do for /D %%F in (%%D\Docs) do icacls "%%F\E-Mail" /inheritance:d
for /D %%D in (*) do for /D %%F in (%%D\Docs) do icacls "%%F\E-Mail" /remove:g "st_Job_R"
for /D %%D in (*) do for /D %%F in (%%D\Docs) do icacls "%%F\E-Mail" /remove:g "st_JobDocs"
for /D %%D in (*) do for /D %%F in (%%D\Docs) do icacls "%%F\E-Mail" /remove:d "st_GlobalDeny""
for /D %%D in (*) do for /D %%F in (%%D\Docs) do icacls "%%F\E-Mail" /grant:r "st_JobDocsEmail":(OI)(CI)(F)
for /D %%D in (*) do for /D %%F in (%%D\Docs) do icacls "%%F\E-Mail" /deny "st_GlobalDeny":(OI)(CI)(F)

I thought by removing st_GlobalDeny and adding it at the end I would maintain compliance with permission precedence: Explicit Deny, Allow, Inherited Deny, Allow. But for some reason when I check the security tab of one of the folders I get the error:

The permission on [dir] are incorrectly ordered, which may cause some entries to be ineffective.

Can someone help me understand the ordering and why mine is incorrect? Also, is there a command line tool that will correct the order?

As a side question, is it possible to remove only the inheritance on one group instead of all with icacls and /inheritance:d?


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    What version of Windows? I'm thinking your best bet is to do everything on one command line (you can include multiple options at once) and use /inheritance:r but try it out in a test environment first, if you lock yourself out by mistake it can be difficult to recover from. – Harry Johnston Feb 20 at 3:52
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    Also, what does icacls show for one of the broken folders? – Harry Johnston Feb 20 at 3:54
  • @Harry icacls is showing my st_GlobalDeny twice. Odd. Once at the top of the list and than once in the middle. Obviously why I am getting the error. Almost like my /remove:d st_GlobalDeny isn't working. When I reorder from the security tab the st_GlobalDeny in the middle is removed. As for inheritance:r, so you think remove everything and then readd everything? I hadn't tried that because I was afraid I'd lose access. I will try. Thank you! I'll get back with updates when I have them. – Albion Feb 20 at 13:50
  • I feel stupid. :( After bringing up my script in notepad I used the horizontal scroll bar and noticed a second quote at the end of my /remove:d line that was being hidden off the page. Sorry to bother you all. – Albion Feb 20 at 14:17

Global Deny is not being removed. In the script example on the /remove:d "st_GlobalDeny" line there is an extra quotation mark at the end.

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