Hi every day when I start my ubuntu 18.04, then it's not starting and gives a below error.

(initramfs) exit
/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root contains a file system with errors, check forced.
Inodes that were part of a corrupted orphan linked list found.

/dev/mapper/ubuntu-vg-root: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; Run fsck MANUALLY.
    (i.e., without -a or -p options)

fsck exited with status code 4.
The root file system on /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root requires manual fsck

When I run command fsck /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root

it solves error but again the next day when I start up my system it shows same error again and needs to run the command again.

  • How did you shut down the system? And why?! – Michael Hampton Feb 20 at 13:16
  • @MichaelHampton That is Ubuntu desktop. Normally after completing day when I leave the office, the time I shutdown my system using go to setting and shut down. – Subhash Feb 20 at 13:20
  • Did your company ask you to shut down the computer at the end of the day? Normally they are left on, even when not actively in use, so that maintenance can be done after business hours. – Michael Hampton Feb 20 at 13:22

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